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If you have invested in TRUEinvivo® already (and over 20 of you have) then, as ever, we thank you for your confidence and support for the company and the team. You already know that we send out an investor update briefing every 2-3 months and that we organise investor get-togethers once a year. You also know that we welcome questions and interest from our investors at any time.

If you are a potential investor then thank you too for your interest in TRUEinvivo®.

You will have read about the company’s technical progress (not least on these web pages) but there is much more we can tell you about the market, our IP, the business plan and the hospitals and radiotherapy centres (in the UK and overseas) that have approached us to be part of our research and development programme.

We raised our first seed round early in 2018 and launched our second round for quarter 1 in 2019. If you would like more information about this please contact our CFO Chris Budleigh ( or our CEO Nigel Biggs (

We have a real team ethos at TRUEinvivo® and we strive to make our investors part of that team – just as much or as little as you want to be! We look forward to talking to or meeting you.

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Current Problems with Radiotherapy

The Technology

DoseMapper is a unique high performance thermoluminescent detector (TLD) array consisting of 100+ small (1mm) micro silica glass beads packed on a flexible thread for use in a standard catheter which can be easily inserted into the patient’s most relevant natural orifice next to the tumour. The beads absorb the same radiation energy as the tumour and can be read immediately after the radiation session.

Once the bead array is removed from the patient, the radiation dose levels and pattern will be measured by our fully automated high-performance TLD reader. The results will be ready, typically, after 15 minutes, and are a unique “radiation ruler” or profile of radiation measurements along or across the tumour area and beyond. The clinician can then compare the actual results with their planned doses and, if necessary, can make adjustments for the next session.

The glass beads are chemically inert and ideal for safe and easy disposal or recycling.

10-25% of patients are currently affected by damage from radiotherapy.

TRUEinvivo DoseMapper™ prevents clinicians from working “blind” by accurately measuring the location and dose of received radiation.

Beads placed in/next to tumour

DoseMapper glass beads on a thread in a catheter are placed in a patient’s natural orifice next to the tumour.

Radiotherapy treatment

The required radiation is calculated and carefully aimed at the patient’s tumour. However the clinician is unable to see what actually happens in the body and what else may be hit.

Adjustments made

The DoseMapper™ glass beads absorb the same received energy and show how much radiation the patient experienced and exactly where it hit. The clinician is able to make necessary adjustments to the next dose and help minimise damage to surrounding tissues.

Annual savings of £45M in the UK

Not only are DoseMapper™ micro silica bead array detectors inexpensive and recyclable, there is the potential for huge savings associated with less damage to patients and a much improved quality of life.

Key Benefits

  • Saves 7,000 patients annually in the UK alone
  • It costs the NHS £10,000 per patient damaged by misaligned radiotherapy.
  • Using DoseMapper™ dramatically reduces this cost, potentially saving £45M annually.
  • DoseMapper™ beads are inexpensive, recyclable, and work in difficult environments.
  • Potential applications in a variety of fields such as: nuclear, food, irradiation, blood banks and more.
  • Reader outputs data in 15 minutes, allowing clinicians to adjust dose quickly if required.
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TRUEinvivo improves cancer care worldwide!

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