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TrueInvivo is proud to recognise the vital contributions made by our valued partners

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About some of our partners

Michael Fishlock at the University of Surrey has been very instrumental in helping us prototype the bead transport mechanism for the automated reader. Having worked closely with our Engineering Director, Mike Stroud over several months, the transport mechanics simply wouldn’t have become a reality if it wasn’t for his passion and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering.

Mike Fishlock says: “Having gained over 10 years of experience in engineering environments, working on a variety of different projects, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with TRUEinvivo. The team has allowed me to have a huge input on the project. In particular the design of the bead separator, transporting disks and main mounting plates. With the use of CAD packages I have been able to simulate and position all components prior to manufacture to ensure the components fit together and operate as they should first time. I have enjoyed the experience so far, working with a variety of equipment here at the University of Surrey. Steve Bower and the workshop team have kept up with the continual workshop commitments allowing me to concentrate on this project. The project itself gives me great satisfaction and will hopefully go on to improve the lives of others!”

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science

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The mechanism up close

Mike Fishlock and the prototype transport mechanism

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