ESTRO is the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology. Their 37th annual conference took place in Barcelona in April 2018. I attended with Shakar, our founder and Chief Technical Officer, and we were both overwhelmed by the response to TRUEInvivo.

As CEO for the last two years I have a business role – but I’ve also been learning about medical physics, radiotherapy in general and about the potential clinical use of our products.

Eighteen months out from launching our bead array products (now called DOSEmapper™) and our fast automated reader, it was time to meet some of the leaders in radiotherapy and learn from their feedback.

Well, what amazing feedback it was!

We had initial meetings with nineteen companies. And a second meeting with four of them. All very positive. One immediately mentioned a possible research trial. One asked about our business direction. And one said: “We need this”!

Senior directors at radiotherapy equipment manufacturers and dosimetry companies were in broad agreement. “This is very interesting – we want to know more.”  The first part of that sentence was usually said very slowly. You could see their brains whirring away as they saw the potential for DOSEmapper™ to improve outcomes for their patients.

The overall observation, apart from the excellent commercial positives, was that our DOSEmapper™ technology is totally complementary to nearly everyone else’s product range and can be seen as independent quality control of dose delivery systems.

One comment from a senior manager in a dosimetry company was that “every company exhibiting here is operating in an industry that lives with uncertainty about what is happening inside the patient. DOSEmapper™ will help every company to deliver better patient experiences and treatment outcomes.” This is exactly how we see DOSEmapper™ and we are delighted that other companies feel the same way.

And not only dosimetry. The Vice President for Brachytherapy at Elekta, Maarten ter Mors, one of the world’s leading companies in radiotherapy equipment, says:

“I believe that you are homing in on an unmet need in brachytherapy, where dose profiles tend to be so sharp that ‘approximate’ dose measures are not meaningful enough.”

We are really looking forward to working with the companies we met at ESTRO. DOSEmapper™ complements all the other radiotherapy products we saw, and together we can work towards our shared vision: to improve outcomes for patients.

If you’d like to find out more about our TLD bead array, DOSEmapper™, Contact Us to sign up for our information pack.