TrueInvivo helps with cancer care through development of quality control tools for an accurate Radiotherapy. TrueInvivo offers a high performance in vivo dosimetry system with a low-cost for high-resolution in-vivo dose profile measurements that tackles most of the above mentioned limitations.

Radiation Therapy (RT) is one of the most common methods for cancer treatment, a double-edged sword. In Radiotherapy the high doses of radiation which is employed to damage the cancer cells, can also kill the healthy tissues near the Tumour whereas the low doses of radiation leads to poor tumour control and development of lethal radiation resistant tumour growth. Therefore, quality control plays such an important role to have an optimum radiotherapy outcome. The available pre-treatment phantom studies and skin surface measurements are helpful, though neither provides definitive confirmation that the dose is being delivered as expected.

The In vivo dosimetry allows the accuracy of the tumour dose to be determined at an early stage, as well as enabling measurement of dose to critical organs outside the main beam, but measuring doses inside patients being seldom practical and hindered by uncertainties regarding time constraints, cost-effectiveness, clinical role and the most importantly the physical limitations of the detectors used for this dosimetry.