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TrueInvivo’s CTO, Dr. Shakardokht Jafari, discovered the excellent properties of glass bead detectors for measuring radiation. Today, the company’s micro silica thermoluminescent detectors can be used in radiotherapy, in nuclear areas, in food processing, in blood bank irradiation and in many other applications.

To take the results of great research into the reality of people’s daily lives. Let’s together  improve health and well-being. Let’s save lives.
Our values are to be ethical, honest, respectful, innovative, collaborative, and especially open to all people everywhere. It’s our world. Let’s improve it together for us and our children.
We promise to deliver a consistently high quality of work and strive for huge customer satisfaction. We will always aim to learn more, to improve our business and to share our knowledge widely.
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Today radiologists, medical physicists and clinicians spend a great deal of time preparing and testing radiation treatment for cancer patients. Fine radiation beams are coordinated into shaped beams and directed at the tumour from various angles. Great care is taken to minimise hitting the surrounding healthy tissue. Even more care is taken to avoid hitting – and hence seriously damaging – radiation sensitive organs. But, despite all the care, between 10% and 25% of radiotherapy patients worldwide do get damaged.

The problem is how to measure what actually happens during radiotherapy. No one can see what has been hit. No one knows the effects until the patient reports problems weeks or months later. Older style detectors such as diodes were used to measure the entry and exit doses on the patient’s skin but these do not work for shaped beams.

Trueinvivo micro silica TLDs can measure the dose and spread of the radiation received at the site of a tumour.


Research in Industry and Academia

With new discoveries and advances such as micro glass radiation detectors, it is important that the widest range of ideas be researched and tested to see what advances can be made. The number of directly relevant industries is already quite large and our aim is to help researchers and research projects around the world. For now we can provide characterised and calibrated micro silica TLDs for such research. For the future we are developing specialist products for the various sectors as well as building a new type of automated TLD reader. For more information, for samples, for potential collaboration or just to keep up to date do contact us.


Nuclear, Food, Blood Banks and the Rest!

If it emits radiation (of nearly all types), our micro silica thermoluminescent detectors can detect it! OK, there are a few limits but glass is so wonderfully inert, clean, small, simple and robust – and has high performance – that you can measure radiation doses in difficult conditions such as

  • In aqueous environments
  • In small radiation fields
  • When high resolution is needed
  • In invivo situations

Our TLD bead arrays can give 1mm resolution – it’s practically a radiation ruler.

For more information, for samples, for potential collaboration or just to keep up to date do contact us.

Our Mission

It was Shakar who said “I want to take the results of great research into the reality of people’s daily lives. Not just in advanced countries but everywhere in the world. Let’s improve health and well-being. Let’s save lives”. That is our mission.

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Our Vision

All too often great research or just great ideas lay fallow in a report gathering dust on a shelf because no one had the vision to see how it could be used. Perhaps the timing was wrong, there was no market then, or no money nor team to develop it. Our vision is to attract great researchers in academia and in industry. To spark collaboration in unexpected ways. To generate great and exciting ideas that can help the world – and then make them happen! Actually bring them to reality. We have great engineering heroes like James Dyson who has those exciting ideas and understands the trials and tribulations of the innovation journey. We have dreams too. Of people sharing and collaborating with the same aim. To help the world! Join our dream today and contact us.

Our Team

We are a core team of four people. CEO Nigel Biggs; CTO & Founder Dr. Shakar Jafari; CFO & Commercial Director, Chris Budleigh and Engineering Director, Mike Stroud. We also have non exec director Professor David Bradley and Business Advisor, Simon Devonshire, OBE. In addition we have some great suppliers like Quadible for our website and some wonderful partners like the University of Surrey for IP support. Our aim is build a network of people and organisations who want to work with us and with micro silica bead radiation detection technology everywhere.

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Who Is Working With Us?

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TrueInvivo has designed a unique high performance thermoluminescent detector array consisting of 100+ micro (1mm) silica beads strung on a wire and inserted in a standard catheter.
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