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Radiotherapy is not perfect

Radiotherapy is a wonderful treatment for cancer for most patients but for some there are unexpected or possibly even seriously harmful side effects. One problem is that no one can see or measure the radiation inside the body in order to check the dose.

Using micro silica bead TLD arrays the delivered dose can be measured directly at the tumour and any inaccuracy can be corrected in the next session. The patient and clinicians still have to wait a few weeks to see if the cancer is cured but they can be much more confidant that the planned dose was delivered accurately. The aim is to reduce harm to patients and save them from remedial or repeated medical treatment.

This technology is currently being prepared for trials in a number of hospitals. Please get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about how TRUEinvivo can help you or your loved ones.

Current Problems with Radiotherapy

  • Radiation inaccuracy causes damage to patient

  • Damage is not revealed for weeks

  • 10-25% of patients affected

  • Costs of treating damage from radiation inaccuracy

TRUEinvivo’s micro silica bead TLD arrays give patients increased confidence about their treatment and their expected outcomes.

Beads placed next to tumour

TRUEinvivo® micro silica bead TLD arrays are inserted into a standard catheter and slid into the patient’s most relevant natural orifice to be positioned next to the tumour. This process works for about 70% of all cancer types.

Radiotherapy treatment

Radiation is targeted at the patient’s tumour. Although the radiation is planned to be as specific to the tumour as possible, the clinician cannot see what exactly is happening in the body.

Adjustments made

The micro silica bead TLD arrays show how much radiation the patient experienced and exactly where it hit. The clinician is able to make necessary adjustments to the next dose to minimise harm to tissues and vital organs.

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TRUEinvivo improves cancer care worldwide!

To find out more about how TRUEinvivo technology is being implemented in hospitals around the country, please get in touch.
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