• DOSEmapper1D™

    A DOSEmapper1D™ is used in a standard catheter for [...]

  • DOSEmapper2D™

    A highly flexible matrix of micro silica bead TLDs [...]

  • DOSEmapper3D™

    DOSEmapper3D™ is, effectively, a DOSEmapper1D™ wrapped in a spiral [...]

  • DOSEmapperBolus™

    3D printed bolus with a matrix of embedded micro [...]

  • DOSEmapperSpiral™

    The DOSEmapperSpiral™ is a set of micro silica bead [...]

  • MiniDOSEmapper™

    Designed for high precision point dosimetry. MiniDOSEmapper™ is small [...]

  • Micro Silica Bead TLDs

    Micro silica bead TLDs are CE and UKCA marked, [...]