Micro Silica Bead TLDs

Micro silica bead TLDs are CE and UKCA marked, Class I Medical devices, suitable for all ionizing radiation applications and types [ref1ref2] and can be used for medical, industry, environmental and research applications.

Recently developed Micro silica bead TLDs with the dimensions of 1.0 x 0.95 mm also developed that array of them can fit into common brachytherapy interstitial needles.


  • Each TLD has a thickness and diameter of 1.1 x 1.6 mm, respectively.
  • Linear dose response from mGy to kGy [ref1,ref2,ref3]
  • Dose rate and angular independent [ref1,ref2,ref3]
  • Calibrated accuracy ±3.5% (SD=2) (the individual sensitivity calibration factors of micro silica bead TLDs can be obtained by irradiating a set to the same dose level)
  • Impervious to liquids [ref1,ref2,ref3]
  • Characterized at beam energies from 27 kV (I-125 seeds) to 230 MeV (Carbon Ion beam facility)

TRUEinvivo® offers a simple postal TLD reading service to enable easy, low-cost evaluation and early use of the DOSEmapper™ technology without needing to invest in a Reader.