Nuclear Decommissioning

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Measuring Radiation in Difficult or Dangerous Locations

TRUEinvivo DOSEmapper™ technology measures incident radiation over multiple points in difficult locations using the thermoluminescent properties of glass beads.

DOSEmapper™ uses a string of micro silica glass beads which can measure a profile of radiation levels to 1mm resolution over any useful length and over any period of time. The beads are inert and impervious to atmosphere, water etc. DOSEmappers of any length can be inserted through small apertures (typically 10mm wide) into complex, dangerous or submerged environments.

After the DOSEmapper™ beads have been removed from their detecting location the automated DOSEmapper™ Reader allows users to extract results very quickly.

The DOSEmapper™ bead properties and the physically separate DOSEmapper™ Reader allows users to measure radiation levels in many locations which, to date, have been inaccessible or impractical.

DOSEmapper™ was voted the most relevant new technology at the Nuclear Decommissioning Conference Europe in 2018.

TRUEinvivo has started a DOSEmapper™ reading service which enables customers to try out the technology without having to purchase a DOSEmapper™ Reader.

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DOSEmapper™ detector strings can be made to any length and bead spacing.

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