A DOSEmapper1D™ is used in a standard catheter for temporary insertion into a natural orifice in/next to the tumour or organs at risk for a single fraction. Once removed and read it gives a linear dose profile with 1.1 mm measurement resolution [ref].

The DOSEmapper1D™ is an array of micro silica beads threaded on a plastic, cotton or surgical thread and completely sheathed in a thin layer of medical grade polyolefin which can be sterilised, if necessary, using steam or chemical solutions. CT and MR compatible metallic beads can be used for better visualisation in imaging systems. Beads are visible in imaging modalities as they are similar to bony structures.

DOSEmappers™ can also be manufactured without a sheath to fit into smaller size catheters or orifices.

Every DOSEmapper™ has a unique identifier consisting of a sequence of coloured beads where each colour has a different value.

A DOSEmapper1D™, which is string of micro dosimeters, is the basis of all DOSEmapper™ products.

metalic marker bead at DOSEmapper1d™

DOSEmapper1D™ Example specification

  • Diameter: 2.3 mm including sheath. 1.6 mm without sheath
  • Length: 15cm (123 measuring points) or 30 cm (273 measuring points).
  • Resolution: Maximum 1.1mm

Custom lengths from 1 cm to a few meters. lower resolutions are available to order.