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The Technology

DOSEmapper™ is a unique high performance thermoluminescent detector array consisting of any number (typically 100+) of small (0.95 – 1.6 mm) micro silica bead TLDs packed together on a wire or thread depending on the intended use. For medical applications the DOSEmapper™ can be inserted in a normal catheter for high resolution internal invivo dose profile measurements or used in a 2D mesh arrangement (DOSEmapper2D™) on the skin surface.

The micro silica bead TLDs are stable, chemically inert and ideal for safe environmental disposal. They have a linear response from mGy to kGy levels, far exceeding other TLDs. After irradiation, the radiation levels and spread will be measured by our fully automated high-performance thermoluminescent reader. The results for 100 beads will be ready, typically, in 15 minutes and are a unique “radiation ruler” or profile of the received radiation. There will be no more manual loading of individual TLDs. For medical applications the clinician can compare the results to the original patient treatment plan enabling rapid corrections if necessary.

Micro silica bead thermoluminescent radiation detectors are new in dosimetry but already have over 40 published papers. TRUEinvivo® encourages the widest range of micro silica bead TLDs applications to be researched and tested to see what advances can be made using this exciting new technology. Our aim is to help researchers and research projects around the world. We can provide CE-marked characterised micro silica bead TLDs for such investigations and projects.

There are many applications for our DOSEmapper™ technology

Our micro silica bead TLDs can detect all types of ionising radiation. Glass beads are inert, small, simple and robust, have high performance, measure radiation doses in high resolution in difficult conditions such as in aqueous environments, in small or large radiation fields, or in-body situations.


TRUEinvivo® encourages the widest range of micro silica bead TLDs applications to be researched and tested. Our CE-marked fully characterised beads and instructions are all that is required to start a micro silica bead TLDs project.


TRUEinvivo® DOSEmapper™ technology can be used to measure radiation levels in a nuclear research or industrial setting. Nuclear decommissioning is hazardous for personnel and long strings of micro silica bead TLDs can be used to detect radiation over large areas rather than point detectors. They can be used in a similar way in submarine applications.

Voted “Most relevant new technology” in the Nuclear Decommissioning Annual Conference 2018.

Food & Industry

TRUEinvivo® DOSEmapper™ can be used to check irradiation of food stuffs. This happens more in Europe and the USA but is vital to prove the applied doses are accurate and within food regulations.

DOSEmapper™ can also be used in industrial radiation applications like hardening of automobile wiring. They are robust, low cost and self-contained (i.e. the analyser is separate from the detector).


TRUEinvivo® DOSEmapper™ technology can be used in radiotherapy to measure the accuracy of applied radiation treatment allowing clinicians to make quick corrections if required. The same technology can be used in animal health applications.

It also has uses in other medical fields like blood banks and personnel protection in radiation areas in hospitals.

1D-Dosemappers photographed on a glpved hand.

Micro Silica Bead TLDs Array

TRUEinvivo® micro silica bead thermoluminescent dosimeter material consists of Silicon Oxide. It is suitable for medical physics, research, and industrial dosimetry applications that use X, γ, β, proton and neutron radiations.

Bead Specifications
Product size 0.95 – 1.6 mm characterised TLDs, ±3% (k=2)
Batch Homogeneity ±8% (k=2)
Description Toroidal bead with a hole in the middle, capable of arrangement in 2 or 3 dimensions
Material Silicon dioxide (SiO2:Na. Ca. Al. K)
Measurement ranges 1mGy to >100kGy

Product Features

  • High spatial resolution (1-2 mm)
  • Accurate and precise (± 1.7%)
  • Linear response over wide dynamic range
  • No dose rate dependency
  • No directional dependency
  • Non-hygroscopic / inert nature
  • Suitable for use in aqueous environment e.g. in vivo situations/in the water tanks
  • Readout and handling convenience
  • Small toroidal shape with hole in the middle enables the TLDs to be threaded on a piece of wire and keep the sequence of TLDs during readout and annealing. A holder tray is not required! A vacuum tweezer is not required as the TLD can be easily handled using plastic/metallic tweezers.
  • Reusable
  • Robust
  • Can be used in extreme conditions of humidity and temperature

Use Cases

Use of TRUEinvivo® DOSEmapper™ for SABR dose verification
Filmed with the medical physics team at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

TRUEInvivo DOSEmappers™ revolutionize invivo dosimetry

Most of the time, the best answer to a problem is the simplest solution!

We help cancer patients to have a better quality of life, a more effective and personalized radiation treatment with using micro silica bead TLDs as high performance radiation detectors.

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