TRUEinvivo is pleased to announce that we have received our first order from the nuclear decommissioning industry for a number of DOSEmapper™ devices and for our DOSEmapper™ Bead Reading Service. The customer has asked us to keep the details confidential but we can reveal that the DOSEmappers which were delivered were what you might expect from our general description on this website for nuclear applications. The huge benefit of DOSEmapper™ is that, at around 6mm wide, they can be dropped or otherwise inserted into dangerous or complex rooms or containers.

They can be left for minutes, hours, days or even weeks and then removed and returned to TRUEinvivo for reading. The results are normally available within 48 hours of receipt.

The one difference from our radiotherapy applications is that a medical DOSEmapper™ is typically 250-300mm long – although it can be longer for full body measurements. For nuclear rooms or containers they are more usually a few metres long albeit at a lesser measuring resolution.

For this first order we worked closely with the customer to make bespoke DOSEmappers and we are happy to maintain that flexibility for others. Just ask!